Model building is a hobby that is suitable for everyone of all ages! Revell models have been built for almost a hundred years and are constantly renewed. Easy kits are suitable for the smallest in the family and enthusiasts of building can continue their pursuit of more demanding kits and models. Remember to use genuine Revell supplies when finalizing the models you build. As an innovation, Revell’s range now includes R/C (Radio Controlled) vehicles and helicopters. Open the pack, add batteries and you’re on your way to new adventures off-road or in the air.

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Revell RC Quadcopter Air Hunter
This Revell RC Quadcopter Air Hunter has flip- and headless-functions and is suitable for beginners. The copter can fly from 4 to 6 minutes with the charge of 60 minutes. Time to head up to the sky!

Revell RC Stunt Car Water Booster
Waster Booster has special shaped tires which ensures fast-paced driving both on ground and on water. The length of the car is 19cm, GHz-remotes capacity is about 30m. NiMh battery is charged with USB.

Revell Model Set
Revell’s miniatures are famous for their details and quality. Model set contains the parts of the miniature, glue, basic paints, paintbrush and instructions to build the model. Many options.

Revell 3D Puzzle
Assemble a wonderful 3D-puzzle which pieces stick firmly together. Six different themes: Dutch windmill, the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty, busses of London, Titanic and a pirate ship. Depending on the model, the number of pieces varies from 20–66.