The Bestway product range includes water toys for both the beach and dry land. Swimming goggles, snorkels, swimming toys and pool floats, when used together or separately, are guaranteed to create a setting for a comfortable get-together under the sun. The whole family fits into the easy-build Bestway swimming pool and is there a better way to relax than dip into a luxury hot tub at your own yard?

Fun and useful swimming toys develop swimming skills while having fun. Swimming aids and floats engage smaller children in the water. However, it is important that all children’s swimming toys are used under adult supervision.

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Bestway offers a wide selection of super popular SUP boards! SUP boards guarantee a fun and active summer day, both at the cottage and on the beach. Try it yourself and be ready to fall in love!

In the Bestway swimming pool you can have fun with your family the whole summer at your own yard! All swimming pools are easy to assemble, most even without tools. Or enjoy your day at the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub and feel the warm relaxing bubbles on your skin. Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs can be used in cold weather which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your tub even around the year.

Stunning floating boards are a magnificent sight at the lake or sea which will make your cottage neighbours jealous. Pool floats feature drink holders and fit up to six people guaranteeing a perfect summer day for you.