Model building is a hobby suitable for everyone of all ages! Revell models have been built for almost a hundred years now and are constantly renewed. Easy kits are suitable for the youngest in the family and building enthusiasts can continue their pursuit of more demanding kits and models. Remember to use genuine Revell supplies when finalizing the models you build. As an innovation, Revell’s range now includes R/C (Radio Controlled) vehicles and helicopters. Open the pack, add batteries and you’re on your way to new adventures off-road,  on water or in the air.

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Revell selection includes a wide model set variety of cars, air planes and helicopters, tanks and fighter planes and ships. The Revell Model Set includes glue, basic colours and brushes. For the basic Revell Model Kits colours and accessories are sold separately.

Driving RC vehicles is a great fun and Revell has loads of different kinds of racers from quadcopters to street cars and speed boats.

Building model sets goes smoothly with Revell’s high-quality brushes, paints, glues and other accessories. Carefully done details will reward you later!