Escape Room

Escape room games go wild in Finland and around the world, but now you can try to solve a escape room in your own home! Put yourself and your friends in the escape room where you have to put your wit to the test! Time is declining at a rapid pace and you must solve the four-digit codes before the hour of the clock is over! Are you ready to solve thrilling tasks in different escape rooms?

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Escape Room
Lock yourself and your friends to escape room and solve the unlocking four-digit code before the time runs out. The pack includes assignments and hints for four escape rooms, a time-counting decoder and game rules.

Escape Room Family Jungle
Solve the release code for the jungle-themed escape game before time runs out. The package includes tasks and hints for three exciting escape rooms, a decoder and game rules.

Escape Room For 2 Players
Are you ready to challenge yourself and your friends in an escape room where you have to find out 4-digits to release you? The game requires a game application downloaded to your smartphone, or a basic game decoder. The package includes two 60 min. escape rooms and 15 min. presentation of the game.

Escape Room Horror
Brr! The level of excitement is raised once again and this time the escape game is frightening! The package contains two 60 minutes escape rooms. The game requires either a game application for a mobile device or a code decoder.