In the world of Enchantimals, you’ll meet new lovely friends. The dolls, which resemble their pets, are accompanied by a cute family of 3 or 4 members. They are a bunch of lovely friends who are fond of their pets. Each doll has its own characters that refers to their pets. Jump into the magic forest or even to the farm and open up a new animal adventure!

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There lives a group of lovely dolls in the world of Enchantimals. Enchantimals are attached to their sweet pets and have similar characters with them. Where can your imagination take them?

Enchantimals Doll + Animal Friend
Enchantimals dolls are going on an adventure with their sweet animal friends. Enchantimals and their pets are similar in appearance. Package contains a doll with accessory and animal friend.

Enchantimals Family
In Enchantimals world you will meet new lovely friends. Every doll has an animal family of 3–4 to accompany. Enchantimals and their pets are similar in appearance.

Enchantimals Snowtastic Sled
There is a winter-party in Enchantimals’ Magical Forest. Felixity Fox and its pet Flick has beanies in their head when they ride on a sleigh through the snow.