Disney Princess

Beloved Disney Princess takes you to a fairy tale world. Disney Princes celebrates magical adventures and relatable, courageous heroes who inspire fans, young and old, around the world. Every Disney Princess character, from the optimistic and kind Snow White to adventurous wayfinder Moana, empowers fans to dream and bring their most beloved stories to life. Princesses who exude compassion and courage inspire children to be brave and pursue their dreams.

The dolls are strikingly similar to the iconic movie characters, and attention has been paid to their details: the dolls feature different heights, different sizes, and have their own personal facial features, skin colour, hair and clothes.

Each of Disney’s 13 beloved princesses are available, as well as two princes. The selection includes high-quality fashion dolls, smaller mini dolls, super popular Color Reveal surprise dolls and the most wonderful play sets. Just like we remember from the movies!

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The beloved and iconic Disney princesses are brave, unique and so beautiful! The doll features sparkle fabric skirt, tiara, and shoes (exept Moana). Pick your own favourite and let the princess play begin.

The beloved Disney princesses guide you to fairy tale adventures. The mini-sized doll has beautiful hair and is wearing a familiar skirt. Size approx. 9cm.

Rapunzel loves her animal friends Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon. Pascal clips on to Rapunzel or Maximus to stay together in fast-paced adventures. The doll features movable joints. The package includes doll, animal friends, pan/brush.