Cry Babies

Cry Babies dolls cry real tears! If a Cry Babies doll pacifier drops or if you squeeze Cry Babies Magic Tears doll’s tummy they will cry real tears. These adorable dolls have each their own unique personality – which will be your favourite? There are several different dolls and play sets for imaginative doll play.

On Kitoons Suomi YouTube channel you will find kid-friendly Cry Babies videos and many exciting adventures in Finnish. Step in to the Kitoons Suomi -world and let the fun begin with your favourite toy characters. Since April 2022 the Cry Babies episodes have been on Netflix too!

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The beautiful Cry Babies doll cries real tears if she loses her pacifier! Give the pacifier back to her and she will calm down.

Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls and pets live in their own little houses. Give them some water and squeeze their tummy and see how they cry real tears. Several different toys and playsets.

Discover the power of friendship, empathy, and teamwork with the lovely little Cry Babies Magic Tears characters! Watch the Finnish episodes where babies have fun in their own Magic Tears World.