Club Petz

The Club Petz family is made up of many furry animals. The adorable Bianca cat loves its yarn collection and you and Lola is a little puppy who understands speech and does tricks. From this extensive product family, you’ll find your very first pet for every perception!

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Club Petz Lucy
Loving and obedient Lucy dog dances, sings and reacts to 20 voice commands. In addition to the old tricks, Lucy has learned new ones. It can dance a variety of dance styles.

Club Petz Lola
Lola is a tiny puppy who understands speech and is able to do many tricks. Lola can do five different tricks on her own and five with her big sister Lucy (sold separately).

Club Petz Bianca
The adorable Bianca acts just like a real kitten: it plays with yarn, turns its head, comes when you call it and bends down when you pet it – how sweet is that!

Club Petz Betsy
Betsy bunny is a fluffy pet that can hop and move its ears. Call Betsy and it will happily hop up to you. Be careful – Betsy is shy and get scared at loud noises.