Clementoni has a wide selection of quality games for all ages! The puzzles are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly compatible. Baby and children’s products improve perception and helps on learning new things. By playing with Crazy Chic products, you can use your imagination and develop your creativity almost unlimitedly. Science products are for older kids to develop, fun and safe way to get into the science world.

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There is no doubt that Clementoni’s puzzle pieces fits perfectly together. Puzzles are fun for both adult and children. In addition to entertainment, puzzles develops children’s perceived ability and prestidigitation. Find your favorite pictures from hundreds of options!

Clementoni Robots
Innovative toys have become popular during the past few years. Toy robots develops children’s deduction and problem solving skills. Coding has become a basic skill for the future. Playing help children to understand how programmed code causes certain type of function or reaction.

Clementoni Science
Kids are learning through play and are curious to explore and try different kinds of things by nature. STEAM-toys encourages children to self-imposed thinking and trying while teaching children to understand causal connection with function and outcome. Amidst Clementoni Science sets children learns many fascinating things about human body, chemistry and biology.

Baby Clementoni
Clementoni’s Baby series includes products for both newborn babies and slightly older toddlers. Lovely and soft Winnie the Pooh products are designed for the youngest ones in the family. Talking tablet, formula car and Teddy-bear teaches children numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Products speaks both Finnish and Swedish.