Toyrock is the new distributor of Teddykompaniet in Finland!

Toyrock’s growth in the Nordic market continues with the transfer of Teddykompaniet’s distribution rights to Toyrock in January. Swedish plush toy manufacturer Teddykompaniet’s high-quality and trendy range of stuffed animals is designed to meet the demands of today’s consumers in terms of quality, durability, and price. The range includes a comprehensive variety of plush toys with teddy bears, rabbits, dogs,  Diinglisarn baby comforters and many more. What they all have in common is soft fur, unique design, and high safety standards.

“Teddy Companiet supports Toyrock Group’s strategic growth in the Nordic countries and is a great and high-quality addition to our plush and baby toy portfolio” says Matias Nyberg, Wholesale & Category Director.’

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Teddykompaniet Båstad is a Swedish plush toy company founded over 30 years ago. Teddykompaniet stuffed animals are known for their classic Scandinavian design, high quality, soft and safe materials and excellent value for money.