The ultimate Escape Room experience at home

Escape Rooms made their worldwide breakthrough in the 2010s and have gained since popularity as a leisure activity among friends, families and work-teams. Launched a few years ago, the Escape Room boardgames were an immediate success. 

As in the case in many Escape Rooms across the world, you are “locked in” in this game and the goal is to find the codes to “escape” within 60 minutes by solving puzzles and riddles. Solving the mystery challenges players’ teamwork skills, logical reasoning, perception and fast thinking. The game includes a chrono decoder which counts down the time, checks your codes and gives cryptic clues. The Escape Room games which don’t include a chrono decoder are played with the Escape Room app or the Escape Room mobile site.  

Each game has its own theme. The adventurous-themed family games are for over the age of 10. There is also a whole unique game concept which is a combination of an escape room and a puzzle. For over 16-year-olds, the games are more thrilling and there are even horror-themed games for the most cold-nerved players. 

If you can’t escape in time or have some questions about the clues, you’ll find each games’ walkthrough at The website also allows you to print new parts and clues of the game to replace those used in the previous game. By doing this, you may give the game for your friends to play or compete in teams to see which team escapes the fastest! 

The time is running out and you need to solve the mystery! Are you up for the challenge? 

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