Kitoons Suomi – the best cartoons for kids

From the Kitoons Suomi YouTube channel you will find kid-friendly videos and many exciting adventures in Finnish. Step in to the Kitoons Suomi world and let the fun begin with your favourite toy characters! New video almost every week!

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Cry Babies Magic Tears

Discover the power of friendship, empathy, and teamwork with lovely little Cry Babies Magic Tears characters! Watch the babies having fun in their own Magic Tears World in Finnish. Cry Babies are the most adorable and kind babies with magic powers. By the power of their friendship, they overcome together all the challenges.

VIP Pets

The coolest pets – VIP Pets – love pampering and playing dress up. These pets with fabulous hairstyles like going out to see shows and concerts, skateboarding and other fun places. Fabio & Fabia’s hair salon is the place to go when you need a new stunning look for your hair. Hop on and join the fun adventures of VIP Pets

Cry Babies Magic Tears and VIP Pets characters are all also available as toys! Create new adventures or re-live your favourite episodes again with these lovely characters. There are various playsets and characters available so let your imagination fly and let the fun begin!

Click to Kitoons Suomi, press play and let the adventures begin!