The super-popular Scruff-a-Luvs are abandoned fluffy toys waiting for your care! First, give your new pet a warm bath, dry and brush its coat and you will find out who you have saved. Each Scruff-a-Luv friend has its own collar and tag so you can make an adoption certificate and name your pet. See how the shabby fur ball turns into a sweet pet. Who are you rescuing?

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An abandoned fur ball is waiting to be taken care of and a bath. Wash the little fur ball with water and see which pet you reveal – a bunny, a dog or a cat! Pamper and treat your new pet’s fur with the comb included in the package. Also includes a collar, a nameplate and an adoption certificate.

Open the first aid bag and see who is hiding in there. Oh now! The is little pet family and they are all ill. You must take care of them and help them get well soon. The family has two parents and one or two babies.

A little fluffy creature is hiding in a handbag! Remove the tangled hair with the accessories found in the bag and find out which lovely animal you got. The package includes a handbag, a surprise plush, child-friendly scissors and a comb.