X-Shot delivers the perfect blast to suit every style and battle, with its ever-expanding arsenal! No matter where the battle is, we will protect you! X-Shot products are for those who are looking for extra momentum in their games.

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X-Shot Water Warfare
With these guns you can make the best water wars of the summer! X-Shot water guns spray water many meters away and are guaranteed to reach your enemies. Aim, spray and win the fastest water wars of all time! Sold separately.

X-Shot Excel
Press the gun firmly against your shoulder, aim and fire! X-Shot guns fly ammunition many tens of meters away, but do you hit cans looming there? Now let’s take a measure of accuracy!

Z-Shot Bug Attack
Big sticky-footed bugs have stuck to the wall and some are flying in the air! Grab an X-Shot Bug Attack weapon, aim and destroy creepy bugs. Who most accurately targets and prevents the spread of bugs? It remains to be seen… Many different, sold separately.

X-Shot Laser 360 Blaster
Put on your glasses and the laserbattle can begin! There are many sensors in glasses and that is why it is impossible to hide from laser beams. The length of the beam is about 30 meters in the dark. The package contains two laserguns and two glasses. Who would you battle?

X-Shot Dino Attack
Fierce dinosaurs have took over earth. Grab your Dino attack gun, aim the target and prevent the growth of dinosaur population by crashing the dinosaur eggs.