Robo Alive

Can you catch a quick-lapping lizard or a wiggling snake? Robo Alive reptiles move like their real companions. The fierce T-Rex is searching for prey and the spider-abomination Robo Alive spider causes chills and screams. Are you brave enough for these guys?

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Robo Alive Dinosaur
Fierce T-Rex is looking for a prey. It walks just like its ancestor and roars jaws wide open. Two color options – which one do you prefer?

Robo Alive Spider
This Robo Alive spider is a nightmare for your spider-comb friends! It moves like a real spider and it will scare even your most bravest friends.

Robo Alive Cockroach
Robo Alive Cockroach will make your friends scream. Just like a real cockroach, this one has wings, feelers and quick feet. It can run smoothly on flat surface.

Robo Alive Baby Shark
Baby Shark do do do… Everyone knows this funny shark family. Sharks from the familiar song can swim in water and sing a song. Mommy, daddy and baby will delight everyone for sure!