Pets Alive

Oh, Pets are Alive! Now the dance patterns have changed the game! Back slacking llama and fluttering sloth are friends who are sure to entertain their audience. Or is your favorite perhaps a unicorn that responds to touch and movement, repeats speech, and kisses back with lovely sound and light effects. These guys are sure to have a fun time!

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Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama
It shakes its head and moves its bottom to the beat of the music. The llama entertains its audience for sure. Are you ready to dance with your new friend?

Pets Alive Flossing Sloth
Who said that sloths only hang in trees? This sloth has got the moves right and it captivates its audience smoothly flossing. The Sloth dances to three different songs.

Pets Alive Frankie Flamingo
Let’s jam to the beat of funky flamingo! Frankie twirls its neck, flap its wings and it has super soft rainbow feathers. Hatch and find a flamingo surprise!