Itty Bitty Prettys

You have been invited to the funniest Itty Bitty Prettys tea party ever! Fashionable little dolls come from different backgrounds, but share their love for tea, surprises and parties. Big Teacups contain wonderful surprises from dolls to their accessories and tea table settings. Welcome to the funniest tea party of the century!

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Itty Bitty Prettys Collectables
You have been invited to a tea party! Open a teacup-shaped pack that reveals an Itty Bitty doll and more than 20 surprises. The package includes a piece of sugar and a tea bag that melts in water, as well as a mass for shaping the delicacies of tea parties.

Itty Bitty Prettys Big Tee Cup Playset
Open a large teacup-shaped package and reveal your lovely Itty Bitty doll and many other surprises. Dive into the tea-rich doll world and play tea parties with your best friends!